July 30 - Aug 1st 2010

Festivals are not my thing..and I have most certainly attended my last one!

However, I was strangely drawn to attend the hallowed turf of Knebworth House for the Alice and Rammstein days of Sonisphere 2010.

God smiled on Friday as it was warm and sticky and very dry. The car park was in a different postcode to the actual stages but Security welcomed me into the Arena and my day was further enhanced by meeting some enthusiastic Sickthings within. Spoke to Pat for a bit, then went off to wander and amuse until showtime. Crowd was wild and I never made it to the front.  I ended up 10-deep from the barrier but I managed to get the shots below under impossible conditions!!

Next day, I attended the event at approx 4pm, as my feet were smarting a little from the several miles walked the previous day. Saturday was busier...a lot van was parked at the very periphery of the available space! There was NO more car park to be had behind me, as I made the gruelling hike to the entrances.

Today, Security checked my bag and told me to proceed to the next entrance, a not inconsiderable further mile up the hill.

Tragically, these jobsworths were unimpressed by my Nikon and advised me that entry was impossible while it was still in my possession.

 My protestations of having used it ALL the previous day fell on deaf ears!

Livid, and faced with no other choice, I was forced to walk all the way back to the van. Took me an hour and 20 mins to return to the gate, where Security happily let me through with a smile.

Of course, once in, I saw many 'pro' cameras in the crowd, as always!! Guess I picked the wrong gate!!