Hammersmith Apollo

June 27th 2004


Arrived in London at 2pm and made my way to Hotel 45 on Shepherd's Bush Road. After getting settled in my tiny room, I headed to the venue, getting fed on the way. A large gathering of enthusiasts were already established at the door and it was nice to see so many 'kent' faces!!

The skies darkened as we chatted and before long the heavens opened. Most of the throng were well-soaked before security allowed them under cover.

I had decided not to bother with a photo pass as I had planned to just have a yahoo on the barrier for this show.

I felt I had shot enough photos but......

I still managed to run off  3 x 36 rolls on the point-n-press from the

The show was great despite a couple of sound and light glitches and I had sung my little heart out!!!

missed the new song at the end tho!!


After the show, I understood there was no meet-n-greet so I spoke to Zippy at the bus while waiting for Alice to leave. I was to collect the snake from the dressing room after he had gone. I got a quick handshake as he left the venue.

Zippy had said the band were not leaving til later and were going to the upstairs bar so I made my way there. A few fans were congregated in the bar and Calico, Eric, Ryan, Chuck and Tommy all appeared.

Sadly I missed Tommy as he left early and returned to the bus.

After the band left, I went to the dressing room and brought Lady Macbeth upstairs.

A mini photo session followed!!

Before they left, Brian had Alice sign the gloves he wore onstage that night and gave 'em to me, thus ending many years of negotiation!!

There is no doubt, I had a great time of course !!!!