The Worthy


Some of the good folks I have met along the way

  Me  Jeanie and Mike Bruce after Alices show in Atlantic City October 99

Little Betty centrei

Barb Hayes and Bryan Erickson

Ken Bloor and Me Trump Marina 99

Greg Ken Mary and Me Atlantic City 99

george.jpg (21674 bytes)

George Orlay NYC

Lindsey Vannoy and Bryan Erickson

Tisch Liz and Mary after Roseland

Tisch Liz and Mary

Mary 'n' I after Roseland

Mary n Me after Roseland

Tracey meets Alice in Sydney

Justin Donnelly with Greg and Ryan

Anthony Singer with Reb Beech

Pat Novak

Controller Executioner President of the United States 

Keeper of the Bones

and he builds a mean stage

Mainstay and integral part of the Cooper show


Des Fields Si Halley Chris Wood and Triin

Mike Drew

Danni with Annie and No.1 son

The Sickthings

Mr Adrian Cooper and Jenny Cooper

Paul greets Ryan at Calton Studios Edinburgh


  Steve Roberts   Chris Sutton

Brian n Lisa Harrington with MB

Lisa gets her stuff signed

As does Zara

     JY      Si  Triin Chris

outside Nottingham

From right 

Jill Kogliatis Sarah Sam Clark Jon Lansley No.1  Annie and Danni

Danni    Annie  Jon    Sam  Sarah  Des   Jill

Paul is ejected from Edinburgh Playhouse for obvious reasons

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Andrew Clark

pete.jpg (14464 bytes)

Pete Trustram

Chris Sutton

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Denise Firman

Zara Last

Andy Michael

Keith Boucher and Justin Donnelly at the '97 Tower signing London

Ken Bloor and Lady Macbeth

Mike Drew and Shep Gorden

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Birmingham 2002

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Me and Sam Clark