THE B$B Poster Story ...


Once upon a time....well .... 1973 to be precise, a young graphic designer/ drummer called Prairie Prince designed the now-legendary B$B poster for Alice's tour of the same name!!


Prairie went on to become drummer with the San Francisco band , The Tubes .. and the rest is rock history.

I didn't have a B$B poster in my collection ...

In December 04, I attended the Tubes show at King Tut's in Glasgow. After the gig. I spoke to Prairie about the poster and operating on the principle that shy bairns get nothing, asked if he still had any lying around. I was told it wasn't impossible and that I should email him after the tour and he would look see.

Encouraged, I mailed in reply.....

I gave it a couple more months, mailed again ..... no reply!!

Many months went by until the Tubes tour dates for UK 2005 were announced,  around September time.

Undaunted, and on the basis that he hadn't said 'No', I emailed Prairie again.

THIS time I did get a reply from the man!!!

Yes .. he had found a poster!!  .. and Yes .. he would bring it to UK in November!!

Alice and The Tubes turned out to be touring at exactly the same time during November. They both played Birmingham on the same night. Originally, I was going to forego the Alice gig in Brum and go see the Tubes.

However, I decided to go to Liverpool on the 8th since there was no Alice show that night.

Arriving at Carling Academy 1,  in Liverpool,  at 6pm, I found the box office closed and no obvious means of getting in!! A tour bus was parked outside the venue but no signs of life from within.

I took myself off  to the hotel next door to enquire when the place was likely to open.

'Rattle the door!!', I was told.

I returned to give the entrance a good pounding, when ... the door opened!!

Out stepped Prairie and Gary Cambra!!

They were going to hotel pick up my poster!!!!

Ecstatic, I returned to the Lord Nelson for a light repast, having been guestlisted for the show.

The Tubes are a truly great band with lots of Alice history. They played a blinding new set featuring the lovely Kat and I got many good fotos!!

After the gig, I met Prairie again, who handed me a jiffy bag containing my poster!

 Duly signed, we did the photo and I thanked him repeatedly for his extreme kindness!!

I am still thrilled by the whole experience!!

The posters are NOT common and the man who designed it..HANDED ME ONE ...32 years later!!! Wow!!

In Manchester, November 10th, Brian arranged my meet with Alice to get it signed.

Alice enjoyed the story and my mission was complete.

Was/Is very cool tale!!

Truly a (Prairie) Prince amongst men!

Prairie gives me a B$B poster in Liverpool Nov 8 2005!!

Alice signs it too, on November 10 2005