Unusually there are no pics from the 1st Hallowe'en Alice Cooper Night of Fear, which took place at London's Roundhouse in Chalk Farm Road.

The reason for this being a Halloween Costume Competition as described on

Having queued since mid-morning for a barrier spot, I went to my hotel around 4pm to get changed for the show.

As I take little persuading to get glammed up anyway,  I returned around 5 and was pleased to see a growing and enthusiastic crowd appearing in some excellent and creative outfits befitting the occasion. Soon to be joined by the 'pro' zombies et al provided by the production.

As the doors opened, I was delightfully accosted by 2 lovely ladies who assured me I had won 100 in the competition and to receive my dosh,

I had to be in the VIP bar at 8.45. No dosh.

Lured by the cash (its in the blood you know), I gave up my precious barrier spot and headed for the VIP bar.

When I arrived there, I found another 9 people who had also been told they had won 100 and it became clear that it wasn't going to be so easy!!

At this point, I was filled with regret as I realised I had given up my photos for probably no reward!!

Before we were sent to the stage for judgement by the audience, Alice came out and a group shot was taken of competitors and street zombies.

I am the Alice next to Alice for those that don't know!

Footage of the judging is here

Note: Prizes on were stated to be 100, 75 and 50. However on the night there was only a first prize!

Further, Jim Rose stated onstage that eveyone would get a prize but sadly nobody got anything, apart from the experience.

No dosh this time.




However, the following night, again I was accosted as a 'winner'

Same drill as night before (except Alice didn't do a group photo)

I was truly knocked out by the reception I got and I doubt I will forget it for a while!!

It was truly awesome experience for me and I took the only prize......the judging can be seen here!

Thanks for are worthy!!!



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