Mike Bruce

another spooky tale

The final show of the whole A.C. thing for me was 28th May 2001 at the Limelight in Crewe.

After gauging the first show in Studio 24 in Edinburgh, after Alice's gig, I decided it would be in order to see Mike's last show in UK as well...

Having delayed my normal prompt booking routine, I was punished with a hefty £62.50-scareaway-return to Crewe and was put at the mercy of Virgin trains.... which, fortunately only proved troublesome on my return

For lodgings, I telephoned the Crewe Tourist Information office ( surely a contradiction in terms??). Helpfully, I was furnished with a list of six possible hostelries which would welcome my custom......

I randomly contacted the Royal Hotel and arranged dwellings which I was assured was a spit from the station and not a million miles from the Limelight....... I arrived about 4.45pm

While preparing ablutions to remove the grime deposited by Virgin trains, I heard 'voices come from down the hall'.
I paid little heed while I got myself organised.....

Arrived at the Club at 6.15, having been stung by the taxidriver for £5.50.
Popular opinion later suggested £2.40 to be more accurate.

Scottish accents can be a bad thing to some people..I guess...

Anyhoo...many 'kent' faces were present when I arrived and breached 'security' and many more arrived later on. Met Ken Bloor (co-Promoter),
Chris Sutton, most of Jay Cooper's Fistful of Alice band, Steve Roberts, Zara Last, Chris Sharp, Mike Drew.

There had been 2 major collisions on the M6 and the band had been seriously delayed in getting to the venue.
It became obvious that the 8.30 kick-off wasn't going to happen.......

Mike arrived in the bar just before 10 and signed loads of stuff for the waiting fans...of which there were a healthy number, in the smallish venue.

At this point, I spoke with Mike Drew who asked me where I was staying.

Producing my room key, we quickly discovered that we were staying in the same place

...... and Mike Bruce was in the room next to mine! 

Scary stuff...

I wouldn't like to calculate the odds of that happening again!!!

Showtime was around 10.45 and the band launched into a set of:

Intro/hello hurray
Under My Wheels
Is It My Body
Second Coming
Ballad of Dwight Fry
Hard Hearted Alice
Be My Lover
As Rock Rolls On
My Stars
Left For Dead Meat
No More Mr Nice Guy
Muscle of Love
School's Out
Halo of Flies
Caught In A Dream

The band were great...It was hot tonite.....
Everyone had a ball......

Afterwards Mike stayed and signed til all were satisfied with their precious things.

We retired to the bar when it was all over, for jolly shenanigans and light refreshments..... much of which can't be repeated on these Michael Bruce/pages......

Although quite sober, retiring to bed around 4.45am among the sunrise and birdsong, I fell into a coma...

Woke at 8....Ravenous!!!!!!!

Decided the breakfast on offer was a bloody good idea, so I descended the stairs looking like the wild man of Borneo,  to a full cooked brekky of lard and grease...marvellous!!!

Some time later there were stirrings from MB's room and we all eventually convened in Mike and Ken's room.
Piccies were taken and Mike said he hoped to get back soon as he had enjoyed his visit and liked the experience.

We left the hotel and Mike bought us a farewell 'pint' at the pub down the road.

He was bound for Iceland that night for a couple of gigs over there.

12 noon had Mike and I back on the train North... and Virgin obliged with the 40 min delay...which could have been worse, I guess.

The tour was finally over.....

But ..what a tour!!!

Mike Bruce 2002