The 2002 UK Sickbus


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The Passengers......

 alive and polyurethane 

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Adrian Cooper

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George NYC Orlay

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Mr Paul Forsyth

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Superfan Backstage Des Fields

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Lisa on the streets of Brighton

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Brian and Lisa Harrington

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Adrian and Andrew

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George and Annie

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Jill and Chris

desjon.jpg (28589 bytes)

Jon and Des in upstairs lounge

si.jpg (18579 bytes)

Si Halley

Mr Jolly Jon Lansley

Andrew Torkington

Chris Browell

The late Dolly

Waiting for an audience with
Mr Cooper

Alice and the Busketeers

The bus crew in Cardiff

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Upstairs Lounge

Me with intense Scottish fan in Glasgow



Jon and Dolly enjoy a tender moment

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The Busketeers

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The Dingles visitation

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Dolly and friend before Cardiff

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My countryman  Glasgow

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Queue Queen Lisa actively forming a Q at Cardiff

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How sad

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What happens on the bus stays on the bus!!

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Mr F n Mr O

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Nothing this woman didnt film

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Riffraff in Chinese Eatery Scandal

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After the bloodbath

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The Goat Major Cardiff

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Tony Ackroyd  our driver

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What better place to end an Alice Cooper tour

the Noose and Gibbet

complete with body hanging outside but a spit from the gig and our last resting place before home in the morning

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Pat on the bus

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The sad ceremony of handing back the treasured key before departure

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Final farewell

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as the bus leaves for London without Si Annie and meself sniff

Happy Days

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